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A distinctively sweet smelling, full bodied floral honey. Not as sweet as most honey types, its delicate nature doesn't overpower other flavors. 

Are you looking for a BOLD honey that is not too sweet with a STRONG and Unexpected flavor? The Guinness Beer of honeys, Buckwheat tastes less sweet than wildflower honey, with an earthy malty aroma and rich toasted toffee, molasses flavor. Its color can range from medium brown to almost black, with a reddish tinge. The darker the honey, the higher the buckwheat content that it contains.

In a study comparing Buckwheat Honey with Manuka, scientist found that Buckwheat honey had greater antioxidant activity than Manuka.  If you're a Manuka honey fan, why not give its cousin Buckwheat Honey a try? When it comes to medicinal effects, it's just as effective. Plus, because it isn't imported from half way across the world, it's a more affordable alternative.

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