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Bee Medic Service

Many people find it helpful to have an experienced set of eyes to help during a hive inspection or to consult on a more complex issue you're having. If you would like some one-on-one help with your hives we are available to help you out. The goals are focused on the wellbeing of the colony through teaching others awareness of and caring their hives.


Consultation services may include:


  • A meeting to set-up your seasonal management plan
  • Hive set-up (assembly, painting, and placement)
  • Bee installation (packages, nucs, or swarms)
  • Hive splits
  • Varroa mite sampling
  • Mite response and treatment
  • Troubleshooting and hive diagnostics
  • Regular maintenance inspection
  • Honey harvest
  • Re-queening
  • Combining hives
  • Swarm catching
  • Pest prevention (yellow jackets, mice, ants, etc.)
  • Winterizing


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$60.00 Beekeeping Consultations

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