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Hive Hosting

Wondering what it’s like to keep bees but don’t have the expertise, equipment or time? Host a honey bee hive from us instead. Hive hosting lets you experience what it’s like to keep bees without all the work or having to open a hive. All you need to do is provide a bee safe location, free of pesticides and we’ll provide the bees and everything they need. Honeybees need excellent sources of pollen and nectar that are free of pesticides, to stay healthy and thrive. If you have an organic farm, a pesticide-free large yard or garden, an area full of fruit trees or native flowering plants, a flat roof with flowering vegetation nearby, you have the perfect home for honeybees. By providing a honeybee colony with a safe location you will soon reap the benefits of higher produce yields, more abundant flowers, and you will be doing your part to help save the honeybees one colony at a time. We are adopting productive hives to homeowners interested in raising bees on their property. Ownership, maintenance, and productive benefits of these hives remains with MJD Apiary, while the pollination benefit and honey to the host. Specific requirements vary from county to county, but we are willing and able to work with you to establish a productive and beneficial approach to apicultural usage of your property.

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