Pollinator Garden Certification Program

Pollinator Garden Certification Program

Those who are close to nature know that pollinators are an extremely essential piece to the life of our ecosystem. Bees, butterflies, flies, beetles, birds and others are responsible for pollinating the majority of our world's crops.

More than 85 percent of flowering plants require an insect for pollination which allows for the production of fruit and seed. These fruits and seeds are a part of the diet of about 25 percent of birds, and many mammals. To support the health of pollinators like honey bees, native bees, and monarch butterflies you can join this campaign. By adopting just a few core values, pollinator preservation can improve any location, whether you tend an urban community garden or a suburban yard. This year, consider making a few alterations to your gardening practices and obtain a Pollinator Friendly Garden Certification.

Why certify your garden?

  • Gain a sense of satisfaction that you are helping the environment
  • Bring media attention and state recognition for your work to create pollinator habitat
  • Those Certified Pollinator Habitats that have been maintained for a minimum of three years from their certification date are eligible to be nominated for our Pollinator Habitat Award.

Certifying your Garde

Fill out the application. If you qualify you will receive a certificate verifying that your landscape is pollinator friendly. You will then receive a Pollinator Friendly Garden sign. Both the certificate and the sign show your commitment to conserve pollinator habitat.


Four Steps to Certify Your Pollinator-friendly Garden

1. Provide food - Native plants are the heart of a pollinator friendly garden

2. Provide water - Pollinators need sources of water for many purposes, including drinking and reproduction

3. Provide shelter - Encourage pollinating visitors to your garden is to provide nesting sites for them.

4. Safeguard habitat - Remove or don’t plant invasive plants. Reduce pesticide use


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