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The Birth of MJD Apiary - Beekeeping in the City

Enter my garden keeping co-worker. She heard of my hobby and explained how she wanted to keep a hive in her garden to help her flowers, although, she did not want to become an actual beekeeper. She suggested that I could put a hive in her garden. The thought at first was kind of intimidating. After some months of doing research, as well as increasing my knowledge of beekeeping I came up with a plan. I wanted to continue my study of bees and this was the perfect opportunity. Beekeeping is not an exact science; it depends on the bees, the location, the flowers in the area and a host of other factors. Placing hives in different locations throughout the city gives me data points to continue my study of raising honeybees in an Urban setting as well as giving gardeners the benefit of having a steady source of pollinators for their gardens without the stings....and I'm sure they appreciate the honey!

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