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Bees....in the City?

I first became interested in keeping bees while driving and listening to a talk radio program about the decrease in honey bees. What I found interesting is that it was explained that honey produced locally helps with allergies. Prior to keeping a hive I was having, on the average, six sinus infections a year at...

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The Birth of MJD Apiary - Beekeeping in the City

Enter my garden keeping co-worker. She heard of my hobby and explained how she wanted to keep a hive in her garden to help her flowers, although, she did not want to become an actual beekeeper. She suggested that I could put a hive in her garden. The thought at first, was kind of intimidating. After some months of...

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Membership in the American Bee Federation and The Wisconsin Honey Producers Association 

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Mar 12, 2020
Robert Mckinney

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