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Did you know that since 2020 the Downtown Milwaukee Hilton Hotel has had beehives on their property run by Robert McKinney MJD Apiary? No...Did you know that the Executive Chef for the Hilton also runs The ChopHouse? What do those things have to do with each other? The Milwaukee ChopHouse re-opened August 20, 2021 and began using THEIR own LOCAL Honey in some of their items. Why not support two local businesses by a night out?

Environmentally mindful consumers are aware of the important role bees play in the growth of crops and the health of the planet, having an onsite hive gives sustainability-inclined operators a unique opportunity to stand out and build customer awareness and a stronger loyalty base. It creates an enriching experience for everyone and will spark interest from observing their daily activity. Beyond the good-corporate-citizen image of sustainability and advantages of hyper-local sourcing, on-site beekeeping is a real brand differentiator for your hotels and restaurants. That is because Your Brand becomes more than just a logo but instead becomes a total experience, with an onsite Apiary becoming a jewel in the crown.  

  • Honey production: If a hotel wants to offer a unique flavor to set it apart from local competition, it can take advantage of the honey produced by its own rooftop hives. 

  • Nearby pollination - Rooftop gardens are not a top-secret concept, and honeybees on top of a hotel roof will have plenty of options to seek out plants to pollinate, benefitting the environment.

  • It is visible - Sustainability is often thankless in the sort of way that only saving the environment can be. If your hotel isn't buzzing about its rooftop bees, simply serving something touched with honey at the front desk is enough for guests to start asking questions. In an age ruled by experiential travel, giving your hotel another story can't hurt.  

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