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Urban Beekeeping

The idea of urban beekeeping is becoming very popular and beekeeping in urban areas can be more achievable than you think. Urban beekeeping is the practice of keeping bee colonies in urban areas. It may also be referred to as hobby beekeeping or backyard beekeeping. Bees from city apiaries are said to be "healthier and more productive than their country cousins". Their presence also provides cities with environmental and economic benefits.

What Are the Main Challenges?

  • Location- Most beekeepers have at least some restrictions related to space, neighbors, and the foraging options for bees.
  • Access to Flowers - Bees have an amazing capacity to discover and benefit from all sorts of floral resources and do so in a wide radius around the hive. It is not uncommon for bees to travel 5 miles or more to locate nectar and pollen. Even the most densely populated of cities have resources well within that area. Cities are ripe with residential vegetable and flower gardens. Beekeepers can also help the bees by planting flowers strategically to bloom throughout the year, in whatever space is available.
  • Neighborly Love -
    Bees can be a rather frightening suggestion to neighbors. Tens of thousands of stingers flying around might dominate the thinking of those less informed about how bees live. Concerns
    from neighbors should not be ignored. Depending on the setting, the installation of a beehive is likely to be somewhat visible.
  • Regulations and Inspections -In some situations, there may be local restrictions on beekeeping. It is important to check local regulations. In many municipalities there is a requirement to register beehives with a local authority, but these processes are rarely burdensome.

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