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Where does MJD Apiary get their Beeswax?

Worker bees that are younger than 18 days old are the wax producers. A bee secretes beeswax from eight glands located on its abdomen. The bee then uses its legs to move the wax from its abdomen to its mouth where it starts to chew on it, adding saliva to softens it up. The bees use the wax to make cells for storage of pollen, honey and larvae. During the process, the beeswax picks up bits of honey, pollen, and propolis which darkens its color.

We harvest beeswax at the same time that we collect our raw honey. First, we pull the beehive frames that are full of honey and capped with beeswax. Next, we uncap the wax that is covering the honeycomb, exposing the delicious raw honey.The collected wax is melted and filtered to remove any impurities in a process called "Rendering". What’s left is incredibly pure, natural beeswax. 

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