Gift Boxes


Why not give The Sweetest ?

What is the purpose of the name BLACK BOX?

Giving gifts is always a special occasion, especially when it is a gift box. Putting your gifts inside A BLACK BOX gift box increases the Class, Sophistication, and even The Expectations of what is inside. So, why wouldn’t you want to make your gift feel more epic than it was before.

The fact that it is in this Distinguished BLACK BOX means that any Holiday, Wedding Party, Bridal Shower, Special Occasion, Date Night or Just Because is a perfect time for it...

What is included:

2 Lip Balm $7
Half Pound Wildflower Honey  $15
Half Pound of Buckwheat Honey $15
Half Pound of Creamed Honey $15
Half Pound of KICKIN Honey $15
1 Beeswax Candle $15
1 Package of DARK FIRE $15
1 Package of CARAMEL HEAT $12


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