Infused Honey - Raw Honey That Is Infused By Having Been Heated To 70ºF

Coffee Bean Infused Honeys

If you're a coffee enthusiast, this fusion is a must try! Introducing Coffee-Infused Honey, where our pure raw honey meets freshly roasted coffee beans! The harmonious blend creates a velvety, flavorful honey bursting with coffee essence.

This unique concoction, combining fresh coffee beans and honey with hints of pecan, vanilla, and chocolate, offers an exceptional taste experience. Enjoy it on ice cream, toast, biscuits, gourmet coffee, or simply by the spoonful!

Coffee-Infused Honey serves as a fantastic sugar alternative in your morning coffee or a delightful addition to elevate your espresso and cappuccino creations.

***ALLERGY Warning The Turtle and Hazelnut contain actual nuts*****

$18.00 8 Ounces

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