KICKIN HONEY and Dark Chocolate Candies

Caramel Heat

Caramel is all about indulgence and it satisfies everybody's sweet tooth. Salted Caramel combines two flavors of sweet and salty, giving an effect that chefs call “flavor layering”. Salt acts as an enhancer of flavor and that's why it makes Caramel taste even better. The combination of salty and sweet flavours found in salted Caramel releases an unusually intense rush of endorphins to the brain. It does so in a way that never gets boring. Combine that with the Natural Phenylethylamine (aka the “love drug”) found in Dark Chocolate and the Sweet Heat from MJD Apiary 's Habaneo Infused Kickin Honey and your day just got a whole lot better. ...
In the beginning, there was A Dark Fire, but you cannot have a Fire without Heat...

$12.00 4 Pack

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