Special Event Presentations

Special Events Presentations

This is for anyone who is planning a Baby Shower or Bridal Shower MJD Apiary offers a SPECIAL PACKAGE just for you!  

What's included:

* A complete Beekeeping Presentation that gives you and friends to have pictures taken wearing Beekeeping Equipment and weather permitting, with an observation hive of LIVE Honeybees.

* Gift Bags including several Flavors of MJD Apiary's Famous All Natural Lip Balms, Goat Milk and Honey BathBombs and Two 2 ounce Jars of Honey, including MJD Apiary's Habanero Infused KICKIN Honey for all guests.

* One Pack of MJD Apiary's Dark Chocolate Treats containing 1 DARK FIRE and 1 CARAMEL HEAT candies.

* A Honey Tasting of Honey from Different Floral Sources.

So if you are planning or know someone planning an event and want to add a bit of Uniqueness, Please have them contact me. Pricing varies based on group size. Please call for a quote.

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