Survivor Stock POL-LINE Queen Bees

Survivor stock can be any organism that survives a stressful event and lives to tell about it. The “event” can be anything that a scientist wants to study. The survivors of the event are then used to breed more in the hope that the genetics that allowed survival will be passed on to the next generation. In this case the organism are bees and the event is Wisconsin Weather. The performance standards sought out in our operation are mite resistance, paralleled with brood and honey production. The Pol-line breeding program was conceived and used by the USDA to move VSH traits from the lab into bees that commercial beekeepers would want to use. They were very successful with the program's results. "Pol-line" initially named some of the early queens produced from the program.These queens come out of a breeding program similar to the original Pol Line program. Selection criteria centers on mite-resistance, production, tempermant, build-up and longevity. We sourced these original stock of queens directly from Brooks Mills Farms. Our Survivor Stock POL-LINE Queen Bees are bees grafted from second generation Survivor from our colonies overwintered in East Troy, Wisconsin. All queens are sold mated and marked.

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