Bee SWARM Calls

“If a swarm of honey bees is seen, call a beekeeper, not an exterminator!” Few things will grab attention as quickly as the buzzing of thousands of bees clustered on a tree branch and flying all around the yard. Swarming is the process by which honey bee colonies reproduce to form new colonies. When honey bees are swarming, they are not nearly as defensive, BUT IF disturbed or agitated, they will defend the cluster; therefore, it is advisable for people to keep their distance from a swarm of bees to avoid being stung.
Usually, swarming activity coincides with the nectar flow in the spring. This is when a wide variety of plants are in bloom, making nectar and pollen resources bountiful. The primary swarm season is between March and May, but occasionally secondary swarms occur later in the season.  

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