Raw Honey - Different Floral Sources Produce Different Honey Flavors

Aster Honey

Aster honey is produced from one of the few abundant late-season sources of nectar and pollen. Often other sources like goldenrod are likely to make up a portion of the source material used to create aster honey. The goldenrod plant will typically influence the color of the final product.

When a hive sources nectar from aster flowers, the honey will be very light in color. The presence of additional sources like goldenrod will darken the color of the honey. When beekeepers observe aster pollen being brought into the hive, it is often a good sign that the queen is still laying eggs for worker bees that will contribute to the hive’s health in early spring.

A distinctively sweet smelling, full bodied floral honey. Not as sweet as most honey types, its delicate nature doesn't overpower other flavors. 

$15.00 Pound

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