Raw Honey - Different Floral Sources Produce Different Honey Flavors

Blueberry Blossom Honey

MJD Apiary foraged the countryside to bring you this special honey straight from the nectar of the blossom.
Identifying the presence of honey in something is often quite simple due to its uniqueness. It's easy to distinguish its aroma and taste in certain dishes. In the case of Blueberry Honey, it carries the inherent sweetness of honey but with a slightly heightened intensity, but in an enjoyable manner.
The flavor is smooth and grounded, creating a pleasing contrast to the palate. Additionally, the scent of blueberry honey is subtly distinctive without being overpowering. It delivers a delightful yet fruity essence complemented by a balanced hint of tanginess that defines its recognizable taste.

$15.00 Half Pound

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