Raw Honey - Different Floral Sources Produce Different Honey Flavors

Buckwheat Honey

They say the Darkness has a beauty that no one denies. It envelops you and wraps you in its wraithlike tendrils caressing your very soul. No person truly knows knows why but The Dark has a feeling of enchantment. One can often become lost in it.....
Buckwheat honey has been called the Guinness of honeys due to its deep rich Ebony color. Buckwheat honey not only looks like molasses, it also tastes reminiscent. It's a little spicy, with malty overtones containing bold notes of plum and cherry tickling your senses with a natural earthy aroma. It also has an odd bitter characteristic that is quite distinctive. It can be used for cooking poultry, pork or beef. Also in sauces and over ice cream.....


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