Raw Honey - Different Floral Sources Produce Different Honey Flavors

Rum Barrel Aged Honey

100% Raw Natural Honey Aged for months in a White Oak Rum Barrel. All the Flavor, none of the Alcohol.

In the aging process, the environment plays a role. Oxygenating the spirits is the goal for any aging process. This releases volatiles and integrates the ethanol with the wood's flavor and aroma compounds. The flavor profile can depend on who made the barrel and its char.... all of that gets carried over to the honey.

Barrels breathe, therefore slowly oxidizing. Honey aged in a 5 gallon barrel makes contact with a little over two times the oak in contrast to being aged in a 55 gal barrel. That means that the honey will age two times faster. One year in a commercial barrel can be achieved in 4-5 months in a 5 gallon barrel. So this Honey is aged in small batches in 5 gallon barrels to achieve the best flavor profile.

$18.00 8 Ounces

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